Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can I?

I just finished a can of mackerel in tomato sauce. While I was rinsing it out, before putting it in the recycle bin, I realized it had quite a nice shape. In fact it could probably be put to use as a mame bonsai pot.

While lingering on the thought I decided to keep the semi-opened curled lid, since it gives the can an even more interesting look. After that I just threw it in the dishwasher to get it cleaned out properly.

But there are a few obstacles and questions I have to overcome before I can put a plant in the pot:

  • Drainage - How do I obtain proper drainage with a bottom that is irregular?
  • Rust - Will it rust and how will this affect the plant? 
  • Bonsai - I need to obtain and train a tree before I can get any use of this canny little pot. 

The lowest point on the can is the edges ...

... and the highest point is the middle.
Stay tuned for coming updates.

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