Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On the prowl - in a nursery and a parking lot

Today I took a trip to a local nursery called Hjällssnäs plantskola. A really nice place with lot's of potential material. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything that suited my taste.

But I my thirst for sap had to be quenched. So when I got home I took a stroll around the parking lot and found a small oak that I decided to dig up.

After cleaning up the root cuts made by the shovel with some ordinary pruning shears I sealed them with a cut paste from Nelson garden. Last time I worked with cut paste it was a lot more less runny than this particular brand so I hope it does it job.

The oak was then in a large plastic pot with the usual mix of 50% planting soil and 50% kitty litter. The root ball wasn't much to look at so I had to anchor the oak to a big sturdy stick in the pot. Hopefully it will recover soon and start growing lots of new roots.

As you can see it's quite big compared to the birches I have.
The smalles birch being planted in a pot the same size as to the left of the oak.

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