Thursday, June 9, 2011

Repotting 3.5 and pruning

After reading up on bonsai care I decided I should probably use another soil mix for my birch. However I should probably also leave it alone for a while to give the poor bastard a chance. But I didn't.

So i repotted it yet again in the same pot with a soil mix of 50 % garden soil, 50 % clay cat litter. I read about this soil mix on the Swedish Bonsai Society site under "Bonsai skolan > Jord

Lately I've been quite harsh on this poor little birch with all the repotting and so and I probably shouldn't do anything at all to it except give it some daily TLC. But I didn't and snipped a shooting twig between my fingernails. 
Birch #001 - repotted in new soil mix.
Birch #001 - post pruning.
Birch #001 - post pruning (opposite view).

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