Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kitty litter crisis II - Danish Moler to the rescue

Yesterday evening I replanted the so far thriving Birch #001 and the not so healthy lookin Oak #001 and Birch #002 Kitty litter from the swedish brand Eldorado. A completely different type of litter that is 100% danish moler clay. Please excuse the crappy photo quality.

Oak #001

Birch #002

I've moved the two waterlogged plants back to their protected spots in hope of a speedy recovery. Now let's just hope for the best. 


  1. Hola Markus.
    Compartimos estética del blog :)
    Un saludo desde España y buen trabajo.

    1. Indeed!
      It's a very fitting theme for a Bonsai blog, it's got that "Fence painting Karate Kid" feel to it. ;)